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Welcome to Web Wednesday
Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes

Have you seen our “63 Stinger” Hood?

We made a combination of the 1963 Hood Grilles with the classic Stinger. We downsized them both for a more balanced look. We build the upper and lower in the mold, and bond them while still in the molds for an extremely consistent hood that’s finished on both sides. This hood will come with a class “A” finish on both sides with the factory hardware built into the hood for mounting.

Is this the perfect hood for your restomod project? Find out more HERE

Sharing A Little Bumper Knowledge…

Tech Tip Tuesday

What to do after applying a clear coat?

Check out our FULL playlist of instructional videos on our YouTube Page

“What’s in your shop right now?”

Showcasing the cars and work being done this week

That’s it for this week!

But you can check out our new Custom Fiberglass store while you’re waiting for next week’s Web Wednesday!

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  1. Andrew says :Reply

    Saginaw is lucky to have you!

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