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Welcome to Web Wednesday
Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes

Have a good labor day?

We hope you did! Some of us sneaked out after work on Thursday to enjoy an extra long weekend.

Did you take your Corvette out this weekend? If so, we’d love to see some pictures! Send them to info@dynamiccorvettes.com with the subject Labor Day Corvette

Why doesn’t my new hood fit?!?

Interested in getting a new hood for your Corvette? Steve shares a couple of tips and tricks he’s learned over the years, discussing hood hinges from different companies, and adjustments you can do to your support bracket and core support to improve the fit of a new hood.

Almost time to send the ’69 back home!

The 1969 Restomod (and Dynamic Corvettes) have been invited to Auto Fest in Frankenmuth, MI this Friday (Sept 6). We’ll be part of the show and part of the parade at the end of the night!!! We’re excited to see everyone’s face when they see ALL the work, craftsmanship and tech that’s been poured into this beautiful Corvette. If you’re in the neighborhood stop out and say hello, because next week we’re sending her home.

“What’s in your shop right now?”

Showcasing the cars and work being done this week

That’s it for this week!

But you can check out our new Custom Fiberglass store while you’re waiting for next week’s Web Wednesday!

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    Keep up the good work. Enjoy Wednesdays!

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