Web Wednesday 12-4-19

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We went viral!

A post about our 1969 Restomod got shared almost 100 times and reached over 30,000 people! Thanks to all who follow our Facebook page!

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Check it out! It’s run by Melanie (Steves’ daughter) and she catches alot of funny/awesome moments in the day to day running of Dynamic Corvettes

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New Product

Custom Fender Caps

If you’re looking to delete your wiper door assembly on your 68-72 and you want to replace the hood with a long style hood, to do it right you’ll want to change the fender caps so the hood lines up properly. Click here to see our Online Catalog

57 Xl goes electric!

“What’s in your shop right now?”

Showcasing the cars and work being done this week

That’s it for this week!

But you can check out our Custom Fiberglass store while you’re waiting for next week’s Web Wednesday!