We are attending this year’s Detroit Autorama with our multi-award winning 1956 Corvette RestoMod. Come on out to Cobo Hall this weekend and check out the car for yourself, talk to Steve about Corvettes or ask questions about your Corvette projects!


Masked off the 1956 RestoMod for buffing 


Masking before buffing creates a barrier between the paint and the moldings so excess rubbing compound will not get in between and dry up.

Will you be there? Or will you be square?

For information about the show, CLICK HERE!



Junior made the trip down to Bowling Green, KY on Friday to check out the Corvette Museum and the Skydome sinkhole. Here are some pictures he brought back of the sinkhole cars and of a few exhibits. 

 The boys have completed the paint work on the 1960 Corvette Barn Car. After it came out of the booth, Corey and Tyler got straight to work by wet sanding the entire car, followed by Corey buffing out the finish to a mirror like shine. Currently, Ed and Josh are hard at work starting the assembly process. They have started with installing various weatherstrips around the vehicle, and mounting the removable panels (i.e. trunk lid). New wiring harnesses have come in for this beauty and they will be installing those over the next few days.

Josh has started to assemble the dash in the 1977 Corvette. He has also gotten the rear storage compartment doors ready for installation and started to install the center consoles.

 Corey and Tyler have now moved onto the 1978 Corvette Pace Car. Previously, we had applied a coat of primer to the vehicle. They guys now have put the car on the hoist within the paint booth and are wet sanding the primer before applying another coat and then starting to lay down base.

 Last but not least, Junior has been putting together these slideshow videos of past projects we have completed. Here is a project from the summer of 2014.

Web Wednesday – 2/11/15


Welcome to Web Wednesday!
Your digital peek at all things DYNAMIC CORVETTES!

Did you know that Dynamic Corvettes is also on YouTube? We have created a channel to post all of our original videos so you can share them easily with your friends and family. Check out our latest video showing the 1959 Corvette – Engine Fire repair from last year!

The body has been mounted on the 1960 Corvette. Previously, the guys were building the new rolling chassis by getting all of the suspension hung and all of the new fuel and brake lines ran. The engine came back from being rebuilt and they quickly got all of the accessory brackets and ignition system installed, along with a new clutch. Check out the video below to watch the body lowered onto the chassis. 

The 1965 Corvette is getting closer and closer to the paint booth. The guys have now rolled the vehicle into the paint room where they are continuing to fill and sand the body. They have started to mount the bumpers so they can insure that they will fit properly and flush to the body. 



Who said a Corvette doesn’t have a backseat?


 Tyler and Corey have started to attack the other 1960 Corvette under the roof. If you remember, we have put this car in primer once, block sanded, and primer again. Now comes the final primer sanding before we lay down the base coat of red and clear coat.


Ed has started to disassemble the 1973 Corvette interior. All of the parts have arrived for this job and it is GO TIME. First Ed is removing all of the old interior starting with the center consoles, then the dash, followed by the carpet. After everything is removed, he will go through all of the saved pieces. Those saved pieces will be cleaned and re-dyed Dark Saddle.

 Lastly, the guys found a GM Parts statue while going through our used parts warehouse.
Of course, they used the opportunity to poke fun at me.

“Looks just like you”, they said.


Web Wednesday – 10/8/14


Welcome to Web Wednesday!
The day in which you get to peek in the digital window of Dynamic Corvettes!

Halloween season has come upon us and here at Dynamic Corvettes, we have gotten into the spirit of the holiday!


More projects have came in for this upcoming winter. Here are two Corvettes from one owner, a 1960 and a 1965. Both will be getting full restorations, with the possibility of one becoming a RESTO-MOD.

The 1960



The 1965




Ed has been cracking away at the white 1965 in the building. Installing the interior, preparing for the front and rear glass to be installed, and waiting for a correct grille to be delivered.

 The 1959 Corvette is getting an engine swap before it finally goes home. We are installing a GM Performance 350ci (290HP) long block engine for a little extra pep in this Corvette. It will be replacing a stock 283ci V8.


Welcome to

Web Wednesday

The white 1965 Corvette has been completely sanded. Last Thursday it was picked up from the body shop and taken down to the paint shop for it’s turn in the paint booth.

We have recieved the “Go Ahead” from the customer on the white 1976 Corvette. A few weeks ago this vehicle was flatbed towed to us in a non-running condition. We drained the fuel tank of old gas, cleared the fuel lines and replaced some, replaced the spark plugs, and added new gas and the engine roared to life. (Click here to see the pictures) The customer has committed to a complete suspension rebuild, complete body strip and paint, and interior replacement.

A small update on the 1956 Corvette Resto-Mod. We have received the new windshield for it but are still waiting for the posts to return from the chrome plater. The original windshield’s lamination has started to peal away as seen in the picture. We have also installed the weatherstrips on the doors.

The 1959 Corvette has returned from the paint shop with it’s 3 coats of primer. We have a lot of wet sanding to do before it can go back and get shot with paint.

Welcome to another edition of
First off, here is a video from YouTube about the General Motors Heritage Center. The Heritage Center is a private collection of General Motor’s history and is not open to the public.

Click here to visit the General Motors Heritage Center website

The 1965 Corvette is making some great progress. With the added help of our 2 students, we block sanded the entire body in just a few days. After block sanding, we gave the body a quick bath to remove all of the remaining dust and had it flatbed towed to the paint shop for it’s second coat of primer.

The 1959 Corvette has made some more progress. The new hood surround panel has been installed and we are currently finishing up the body work. Within the next few weeks we expect to be ready to paint!

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means. WEB WEDNESDAY IS IN FULL EFFECT! The day when you get to catch up on your favorite Corvette Shop in Saginaw Michigan!!

First off, say Hello to Savannah & Tyler! These two are students at Saginaw Career Complex, enrolled in the Automotive Collision Repair & Refinish program. They gave up their Spring Break to come gain some experience in the field. 

Click here to check out their class’ Facebook!

The 1965 Corvette is coming along nicely and at a quicker pace, thanks to our students. The entire body has been coated in a polyester based primer. Currently we have Savannah & Tyler block sanding under Steve’s direction to refine the body lines. Once this coat of primer has been sanded smooth, we will give it another coat of primer but with a acrylic urethane based product.

The 1959 Corvette has been moved into the body shop area and has begun to have its new fiberglass parts installed. In order to install the new inner fender we had to create a custom fixture to hold the front end together while it was removed. After the inner fender was installed, we then reinstalled the outer front end. Currently, Ed & Josh are dry fitting the new hood surround to insure a proper fit.



Hello and welcome to another blazing edition of WEB WEDNESDAY! The day you get to catch up on your favorite Corvette shop in Saginaw Michigan!

First off, the 1959 Corvette has been partially torn down. We have removed the hood surround and started preparations for removing other damaged panels.

More sanding and body work being done on the 1965 Corvette. We have started placing body filler on troublesome spots on the fiberglass. Ed & Josh have been diligently sanding away at this car to ensure the panels are all straight and smooth before we head into the painting process.

Hello again, it’s another edition of WEB WEDNESDAY at!

First and foremost, we would like to announce that we have become the ONLY dealer in Michigan to offer HAMMERHEAD ARMOR BUMPERS & ACCESSORIES! This is very exciting for us and we hope you get excited about these bumpers as well.

HammerHead Armor

HammerHead Armor

Check out the YouTube video below and if you start to feel the excitement, give us a call or stop in to get a FREE quote on a premium bumper for your domestic or import truck!

Continuing our restoration on the 1965 Corvette, we have chemically stripped the paint last week. This week we have started to remove the last layer of paint. Upon removing that layer, we discovered some patch work done on the driver’s side fender and passenger side quarter panel. Both of these panels will be replaced with new fiberglass.

Finished chemically stripping body

We have finished replacing the interior on this 1986 Corvette Indianapolis 500 Pace Car. This beautiful car was shipped to us all the way from Nevada to have it’s interior replaced. Due to time constrants, I wasn’t able to snap some before pictures. But trust us, it was time to be refreshed and replaced. All the plastic panels have been spray dyed to freshen up their apperance, new carpetting, and new seat covers with embroidered head rests!

Last but not least we are following up on the 1956 Corvette Restomod, which we delivered to the customer in December. We performed all the paint work on the body of this beautiful ’56, but the customer is finishing the build himself. Click the picture or link below to follow his progress!

56 Restomod
Follow his progress on!

Hello everyone! It’s Wednesday again and that means another WEB WEDNESDAY!

Things are moving smoothly here and we are getting lots of progress done on our many projects this winter including a total remodel of our front showroom. Pictures of the remodel coming very soon!

Let’s start with the 1965!

Last week, we were masking off the body in preperation for stripping the old paint. With lots of hard work and elbow grease, our 3 guys quickly knocked out the paint in just a day. As you can see in the pictures, there is still some paint remaining. This paint is the original paint from the factory that was never removed on the last restoration. When the original paint isn’t removed completely the next layer of paint will not hold up as well.  This Corvette had 2 layers of paint. Next she will be taken down to the body shop for even more preperation for the new paint.

Onward to the 1960, once we have mounted braces outside and within the body, we can prepare to slowly lift the body off the frame. Look closely at the wooden rig we have built, this is known as a Noland Adams Body Dolly (click here for more info on Noland Adams, and click here for more info on how to build the body dolly). At this point, we are awaiting for the replacement frame to be delivered, and have begun to sandblast and repaint the suspension and axles.

Lastly is this beautiful 1977 Corvette, which has been an ongoing project. We started to sand and mask off the body for paint which sadly I didn’t get photos of, but we have applied the first coat of paint. This Corvette will be returned to the factory “Light Blue”, and once finished will have the interior restored.

And that concludes this week’s WEB WEDNESDAY, but we are always updating our Facebook page, so why not give us a LIKE and stay current with us. As always, all photos posted here will be posted on the Facebook page in higher quality. Have a great rest of the week!

Continuing our coverage of the 1965 restoration, we have finished rebuilding the suspension. The engine has been pulled, cleaned, and repainted. We have also removed the fuel tank.

For higher resolution, click over to our Facebook page!

Another project we have this winter is this beautiful 1959 Corvette which was in an unfortunate engine fire. We began by removing the engine, intake/exhaust manifolds, and heads. Upon that we discovered the top half of the lifter assemblies were coming apart and there was some rust on the cylinder walls.

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