Corvette C2 3 Door Assembly For Use With Dynamic Rear Tubs & Floor Kit 63-67


Made to be bonded into place, our 3 piece tubs and floor are easier to install than a single piece.
3 hidden compartments for Coffman Frame.
 Built on a 325/30ZR19 size tire.
We also sell the doors to close the hidden compartments and make them flush. If you are interested in that addition, let us know when you call/e-mail


This piece complements our 3pc Rear Tubs & Floor kit. Made to cover our special rear floor with hidden compartments for the Coffman Frame. 
3 hidden compartments for Coffman Frame.


If you would like to purchase, please call us at 989-249-1100 or click “Product Inquiry”


Dynamic Corvettes

Located in Saginaw Michigan since 1983 we are family owned and operated specializing in only Corvettes

Our fiberglass parts are manufactured in house and only sold by us

All parts are made of high quality Vinyl Ester Resin and Chop Strand Mat and come out of the mold with a Class A finish

We go to great lengths to build a high quality part. We test fit to a minimum of 3 never wrecked Corvettes then we take the average of the 3 to tool from. It is imperative to remember we are working with 40 plus year old vehicles and back then the GM quality specs varied greatly to today’s standard. Rather you purchase one of our parts or our competitors you will have to bodywork everything. You will not be able to scuff and paint. Test fitting is required prior to bodywork as well as throughout the bodywork process. The likelihood of having to bodywork adjacent panels for the proper fit is very high and it is recommended a qualified Corvette Specialist install these parts.

Returned parts are subject to a 25% restocking fee plus return freight. Altered parts are non-returnable.

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