LS Hood


introducing Dynamic Corvette’s “LT1 inspired” LS HOOD

Yes, we call it the LS hood! Why?

Because the future of Corvette customizing and restomodding is all about the LS-engine!

This hood will fit on ANY C3 (1968-1982) Corvette model with little or no modification! 

This hood has the correct hood latch mounting points for all C3 models and is completely finished on the backside. 

Want it for your 1968 – 1972?
Just remove the wiper door and wiper grille, modify or replace the fender caps to match the hood, swap hood latches and hinges then you are ready to go!

(1968 & 1969 models, require using 1970 – 1976 hood latches)

Want it for your 1973 – 1982?
Swap over your hood latches and hinges and install with ease!

Be the envy of the Corvette Club!

As always, all of our custom fiberglass is 100% hand-laid and made right here at Dynamic Corvettes in Saginaw, Michigan!

(plus Michigan sales tax and domestic freight – No international orders)


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