Web Wednesdays 1-9-19

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                                                      1973 Restoration “Warren”

“Warren” is a little restoration we’ve been working on.   We spend 3 days in the booth with every paint job.  Day 1 is sealer, Day 2 is 3 coats of base and Day 3 is 3 coats of clear.  


                                                      1962 Restoration “August”

Little “August”  has had 2 rounds of slick sand and we’re just finishing up the wet sanding.  At every stage we sand the jams and reinstall the doors with the weatherstrips, and we refit the headlight bezels, and all the chrome trim to ensure everything is perfectly fitted at the end. 


                                                                      1957 XL

The 57Xl has had a floor re-design to accommodate a different chassis .  Once it’s perfect we will spray Duratex and start making the mold.