Web Wednesday 8-8-18

                                                                                         Welcome to Web Wednesday

                                           Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes!

                                                                        1957 Xl

Last weekend we displayed the 57XL in Louisville Kentucky at The National Hot Rod Association.  The 57XL has 40″ of changes to accommodate BIG Boys, BIG Tires and a convertible top.




                          The 1960 RestOmod is getting close to having paint sprayed.  



The rear quarter of the 65 RestOmod had some structure damage to  needed repaired.   Next we will be installing our Dynamic Rear Quarters with 1.5″ flares.


                                                                 Fiberglass Dept

Here we’re vacuum bag infusing one of our newest products we’ll be releasing, 1960 hood with our signature finished backside.