Web Wednesday 2-6-19

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                                                                               Welcome to Web Wednesday

                                                             Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes 

                                                              LS BB Long Hood:

Steve and his grandson are pulling our LS hood from the mold.  This was made with clear gel coat, it’s Carbon Fiber done the middle and we’ll add some custom paint to it.  This will be featured on the 69 original tri-power RestOmod we’re taking to Auto Rama in March.


                                         1969 RestoMod Infiniti Body Control Module:

Check out what we’re able to control with our Infinity Box module and an ipad.  This will all be linked to our customers cell phone too. 

                                                                  1957XL Floor: 

This is the plug to the 57XL floor.  From this we will make a mold.  The reason we make a mold is when your designing a part you use fillers and a lot of material, over time that materiel shrinks and becomes brittle and part will fail.  The right way to do it and to give you a high quality part that won’t fail is to make a mold.

                                                                Dakota Digital:

Steve & Todd we’re so excited to play with the new gauges from Dakota Digital they couldn’t even take them out of the box first.