Web Wednesday 2-20-19

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Just a friendly reminder that the 2019 Autorama is right around the corner. This year we will be bringing back our 1969 RestOmod.  Last year when you saw it, she was in the mock-up stage.  Stop by our booth to see the amazing transformation!  Booth # 537 

1969 RestOmod @ 2018 Autorama


Links to:

67th Annual Autorama Mar 1-3, 2019:




                                                                                                               2019 Price list

This is the current list of the fiberglass and carbon fiber parts we manufacture:


C1 Price Sheet


Digital Download:

Price List C1 Parts Price List C2 Price List 12-10-2018 C3 Parts Only

                                                                  1957 XL Floor

We Built a new floor for the 57Xl.  This floor will accommodate an 8 spd automatic transmission and a Roadster Shop Chassis.