Web Wednesday 12-5-18

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                                                                                         Welcome to Web Wednesday

                                                          Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes

                                                       1973 Restoration “Warren”

The bodywork is complete and “Warren” is in the 1st prime.  During our bodywork stage we fit the hood, bumpers, doors (with the weatherstrips installed) and the headlight assemblies.  Once we have our gaps perfect we take it back apart and prime.  When we spray our Corvettes the parts are laid out as they will hang on the car.  We’ve built custom fixtures so we can rotate the parts 360 degrees so while we’re spraying we can make sure we get even coverage. 


                                                                   63 Restomod

 This is the 63 Coupe! This week we’ve been fitting our newest design, a transmission tunnel to accommodate the 8spd automatic transmission.  We tool every part and this is now available for you too! 


                                                         1962 Restoration “August”

We’ve hung the major fiberglass panels, front surround, nose, rear deck surround and tail light panel and the rough bodywork is complete.  The next step is to double check our tire pressure to ensure balance during our fine detail bodywork.  Every gap is held to our strict 3/16″ tolerance and all the chrome is fitted during the bodywork stage.