Web Wednesday 11/28/18

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                                                                                         Welcome to Web Wednesday

                                                           Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes

                                                      1962 Restoration ” August”

After replacing the read deck surround we’re moving forward on the body work.  We fit the windshield and all the chrome during our body work stage to ensure a perfect fit.

                                                                                   1973 Restoration “Warren”

The 73 is also in the body work stage.  Again, we fit the doors with the weatherstrips and the bumpers to ensure a perfect fit.


                                                                Side Pipe Covers

The Dad has been working hard on his custom side exhaust covers and now we’re moving forward on building the molds.  These covers will have the upper moldings built into the cover and will accommodate stock pipes or our new 3 1/2″ pipe design.  These covers have been stretched out and have less ribs than stock covers.