Web Wednesday 11-14-18

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                                                          Welcome to Web Wednesday

                                                       Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes

                                                       1962 Restoration ” August”

We’re replacing major fiberglass panels this week on the 62.  The hood surround, nose, tail light panel and next we’ll be the rear deck surround.  As we replace these sections we make sure to fit all the chrome as we go and we NEVER use screws to secure the panels while the epoxy kicks.  We use tape, clamps and sometimes we build wooden fixtures to secure the panels but Never screws.  Why, you ask?  Because they will print back through after time and you will see it in your finished paint work. 


                                                       1973 Restoration “Warren”

The 73 is also getting a new hood surround.  During this process we are sure to fit the hood, doors and front bumper before we bond the new hood surround.  Then we grind the seams and re-epoxy them as well.  The reason for this is after time the seams shrink and if they are not properly addressed you will most likely see them print back through your paint work.


                                                               1969 Rest-O-Mod

The 69 original tri-power restOmod is back on the body and we’re plumbing the clutch and brake cylinders.