Web Wednesday 1-16-19

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                                                       Welcome to Web Wednesday

                                                             Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes 

                                                                       1957 XL

This is the Floor to our 57XL.  This creative design, with the help of Shadow Rods allows use to lower the seat 4″ and push it back 4″.  This allows for more interior room for bigger men or women, yet still allowing a 12″ rear tub to be able to run wider tires and a convertible top!  The suspension will be C-7 and the frame custom designed by The Roadster Shop.


                                                        1962 Restoration “August”

August is back into the paint booth for a coat of OneChoice SX103  Multi prep clear By PPG. We are using this as a Anti-Static agent.

                                                                     The Hood

We’re designing a new hood for the 63 to accommodate the LT4 engine.  The grill inserts are our newest product release and are available in CARBON FIBER too!  They will fit our custom 63 hood as well as an original 63 hood.   The cost of the inserts are $500 and $800 in Carbon Fiber.