Web Wednesday 8-15-18

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Upcoming event: Corvettes at Carlisle Aug 23-26, 2018


Dynamic Corvettes 2018 In house Custom made parts release date: 8-29-18 @ 6:00 am

                      Our C3 side exhaust and custom covers.  Available in carbon fiber too!! 


This is our C3 firewall block off.  This also comes with our wiper cover so you can still access the wiper motor.  $295 plus shipping.


Web Wednesday 8-8-18

                                                                                         Welcome to Web Wednesday

                                           Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes!

                                                                        1957 Xl

Last weekend we displayed the 57XL in Louisville Kentucky at The National Hot Rod Association.  The 57XL has 40″ of changes to accommodate BIG Boys, BIG Tires and a convertible top.




                          The 1960 RestOmod is getting close to having paint sprayed.  



The rear quarter of the 65 RestOmod had some structure damage to  needed repaired.   Next we will be installing our Dynamic Rear Quarters with 1.5″ flares.


                                                                 Fiberglass Dept

Here we’re vacuum bag infusing one of our newest products we’ll be releasing, 1960 hood with our signature finished backside.  




Web Wedneday 8-1-18

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                             Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes!

                                                                 1965 RestOmod

This week we’re cutting out the floor of the 65 to accommodate room for the Billy Dawson frame.   This build will soon be fitted with our 1.5″ flared rear quarters as well as our custom front clip and split window conversion. 

                                                                 1963 RestOmod

The 63 RestOmod has been tubed out and we’ve installed our floor, tubs and center console floor.  The underneath will be finished off and smothed out. 


The 57XL will be shown this weekend at the National Street Rod Association in Louisville Kentucky.  The 57XL is built to accommodate BIG Boys and BIG Tires.  This is a Dynamic original designed body built in Saginaw MI.



This beautiful Saddle Tan 64 has a newly rebuilt engine and is back on the road.  


Web Wednesday – 08/02/17

Welcome to Web Wednesday!

Your weekly digital outlet to Dynamic Corvettes!

Steve and Tyler have been working together on the XL57. Fitting the taillights and headlight buckets, fabricating custom rear bumpers, working on convertible top mounting, and mounting the grille surround. 

Want to see the XL57 for yourself? 

Dynamic Corvettes will be showing the XL57 at the upcoming 48th Annual Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky on August 3rd – 6th!

Stop by, sit in the XL57 and talk with Steve!


1969 Corvette RestoMod

Jim and the fiberglass crew have been busy getting the new molds ready to make parts. After making the very first 68-69 L88 Flared front clip, they removed the molds to find a perfect part! Minimum mold parting lines and consistent thickness. Check out the video below to watch the first part pulled from the mold!

1966 Corvette

Ed has been working hard on getting the 1966 reassembled for delivery! He has reinstalled the Vintage Air heater and AC box and begun to wire in the system. He has also installed the new grille which was purchased from General Motors, along with the dash, and door latches. Meanwhile, Jordan assisted Ed by scraping off old jute padding from the rear interior. Corey came over and started to mask off the storage compartments to black them out. 

1967 Corvette – Lola

Duane and Corey wet sanded and buffed the 1967 and she/he is standing tall! With Ed reassembling the 1966 Corvette, Duane and Corey took it upon them selves to start assembling the 1967. They masked and bagged the body to black out all of the underside areas and behind the grille. Once everything was blacked out, the taillights were installed along with the wiring. Duane then turned his attention to assembling the headlight buckets and motors. Meanwhile, Tyler has started to install the final set of weatherstrips to the doors.

1972 Corvette – LT1

This 1972 Corvette is getting the full frame off restoration! The guys started by giving the vehicle a bath and looking over the vehicle. Terry moved it onto his hoist and began to disassemble the suspension and prepare to remove the body. After getting everything disconnected, the body was first to be removed, followed by the engine and transmission. The body was placed on a body cart, while Terry continues to disassemble the suspension on the chassis. Once the chassis is completely disassembled, it can be acid dipped and a-coated for a factory-like appearance and protection.

1977 Corvette

The owner of this 1977 Corvette stated that the engine was not timing right, heard a clunk every time the accelerator was pressed and was leaking oil from the valve covers. Todd quickly got to work and determined that the distributor hold-down was the issue. After replacing the hold-down, the engine timed correctly and held that timing. Upon inspection underneth, Todd found that the vehicle had an aftermarket crossmember installed to support an aftermarket 700 transmission. After carefully looking at the mounting of these aftermarket items, he determined that the clunk was caused by the torque of the engine causing the transmission to lightly clunk on the crossmember. Todd removed a bolt boss from the transmission, shimmed the transmission and the clunk went away. 


1966 Corvette

This 1966 Corvette hasn’t ran in 6 years and boy did Mother Nature take her toll. The owner is determined to get her back on the road! Keep an eye out for this project in the coming weeks!

1974 Corvette

Todd and Terry have repaired the front suspension on the 1974 Corvette. After getting the suspension reassembled, they put the vehicle on the alignment rack and made sure that the front suspension was within specs. Satisfied with the alignment, they test drove the vehicle to find that the noise was gone. The vehicle was then passed along to Nathan and he gave it a bath before the owner took delivery.

1977 Corvette

The owner of this 1977 Corvette just had the vehicle transported a great distance. When the vehicle arrived, it was found that the suspension on the right rear had come apart. The owner had it sent to the EXPERTS, which we quickly determined what happened and how to repair the issue. Steve and Todd put the vehicle on the alignment rack and gave it a through inspection. Afterwards, Junior wrote up a complete estimate for the repairs and emailed it to the owner. 

Web Wednesday – 07/26/17

Welcome to Web Wednesday!

Your weekly digital outlet to Dynamic Corvettes!

Steve and Tyler have been working on the XL57 lately and trying to tackle a few obstacles.  First, Steve and Jon Hall discussed convertible top mounting locations for the best fit and still allow the top to fold correctly and efficiently into the storage space. Afterwards, Steve and Tyler started to grind and fit exterior trim items starting with the rear tail lights. Tyler then started to cut out the headlight holes so Steve could bond in the headlight bucket supports and then install the headlight buckets.


1969 Corvette RestoMod

While the new front and rear clips are being made, Duane has started to fit and install the new C3 Firewall Close-Out Panel. He started by removing all of the metal brackets and tabs on the firewall. These brackets and tabs will be in the way of the new close out panel. After removing the items, Duane went over the entire firewall with sandpaper and roughed up the surfaces for maximum adhesion when bonding. Steve stepped in and assisted Duane with closing off the little holes that litter the firewall, then assisted with trimming and dry fitting the close out panel to the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the front clip mold has been completed and gotten ready for the first clip to be made! Jim is laying down the gel coat in preparation for laying down fiberglass mat next!


1966 Corvette

Ed is continuing to assemble the 1966 Corvette Convertible. He has installed the headlight doors and headlights. Afterwards, Ed turned his attention to the interior firewall in which he insulated with jute padding. He installed the rear bumpers on the vehicle and started to install the new electrical harnesses for the body and engine. Ed has also started to clean the parts and assemble the doors. 

1972 Corvette

Terry has removed the body from the chassis on the 1972 Corvette. Last week, Terry and Ed disassembled the donor frame and now the body waits for the donor frame to be ready. Meanwhile, we have ordered new fuel and brake lines for this vehicle and await their arrival.

1967 Corvette

Corey and Tyler have started to wet sand the new finish on the 1967 Corvette after painting the awesome looking “stinger” on the hood and nose. Fairly soon, they will be buffing out the paint and it will be sent back to the mechanical shop for reassembly!

1984 Corvette

Repairs on the 1984 Corvette have been completed and boy was the owner happy to have her back! After removing the interior on the passenger side, Duane removed the rough torn edge on the fiberglass floor. He then carefully bonded in a section to create a new edge for the area and then bonded that to the rest of the floor. Once all of Duane’s repairs were completed, he applied new undercoating and painted the area black. 

1970 Corvette

Corey and Tyler have gotten the 1970 Corvette covered in base and clear and she looks awesome! After letting the vehicle rest for a day in the booth, Corey and Tyler then moved the vehicle out of the paint booth and to the body shop hoist to start wet sanding.

1982 Corvette

This 1982 is new to the owner. It was just purchased a week ago and the owner knew he had to have the EXPERTS check it out. Last week, we replaced the tires and a few other small items. To finish off the project, Todd removed the center gauge cluster so he could install the customer supplied radio. Due to the vehicle having an aftermarket radio previously installed, Todd had to replace the small gauge bezel. While the bezel was being replaced, we took it upon ourselves to replace the lens and printed circuit. Todd then installed everything back into the vehicle and tested it’s function. Afterwards, Todd replaced the door main weatherstrips which were practially gone and only half of the original weatherstripping still attached. We noticed the rear view mirror mounting gaskets were installed incorrectly so Todd corrected them. Upon performing a rear alignment, we noticed that previously someone had tried to perform an alignment but failed horribly. The shims were all bent up and the trailing arm bushings were installed incorrectly. Todd disassembled the rear suspension and replaced the needed bushings. After reassembly, he was able to get the rear suspension to align perfectly. 

Web Wednesday – 07/19/17

Welcome to Web Wednesday!

Your weekly digital outlet to Dynamic Corvettes!

Jim and Zac have been working on making another set of doors for the XL57 project. Meanwhile, a customer of ours whom owns a 1980 Corvette stopped in to check out the project! He is a big fellow and he fits in the XL57 comfortably with plenty of extra space. 

1969 Corvette RestoMod

BIG NEWS on the 1969 Corvette RestoMod project! The front clip mold has been completed and disassembled. Once disassembled the plug (front clip) was removed and now Tyler has begun to buff and polish the molds in preparation for the first front clip to be made! 

1972 Corvette

The owner of this 1972 Corvette wants to drive his car again. After sitting in the garage for a number of years, he had it transported to the EXPERTS! Once the vehicle was in the air, we saw what it needed to be safe for the road again. We informed the owner that he needed to replace the frame due to corrosion. After estimating the cost of the task at hand, the owner agreed and we started to work. Terry and Ed pulled out a good donor frame that we just happen to have and started to disassemble the suspension and powertrain from the chassis. Once the frame was completely stripped, Terry has been making some minor repairs and modifications so this chassis will work perfectly for this 1972. 

1966 Corvette Convertible 

Ed is continuing to assemble the 1966 Corvette. After placing a large order of parts for the vehicle, he has started to install them as they begin to trickle in. 

1967 Corvette Convertible

The 1967 is starting to have it’s new finish wet sanded and polished. Before the entire vehicle can be wet sanded though, Corey and Duane did some fine detail masking and masked in the stinger on the hood and nose of the vehicle! 

1968 Corvette Convertible

The owner of this 1968 Corvette wanted to drive his vehicle again but it was unsafe. He had no tail lights and did not know how fast he was going. After Steve and Todd determined the issue with the speedometer, the vehicle was given to Terry to repair the tail light issue. After finding a nest of spliced wires, Terry rolled up his sleeves and went to work. He replaced all of the incorrectly patched wires with butt connectors and heat shrink tubing and got the taillights to function again. 

1988 Corvette 

The owner of this 1988 Corvette stated that he was having problems getting his Corvette started. After jumping the vehicle and bringing it to the EXPERTS, a quick battery test determined that the battery was indeed bad. We replaced the battery with an ACDELCO and went to work on the owner’s other concerns. The exterior side window seals (sweeps) have cracked and dry rotted away over the years. Todd removed the door panels and got to work on replacing them. Once he was completed with that task, he swapped out a door defroster bezel then gave the car to Terry to replace a pressure power steering hose. 

1981 Corvette

After getting the new radiator installed and burping the system, the guys put the 1981 back on the alignment rack and gave it a full 4 wheel alignment. 

1982 Corvette

The owner of this 1982 Corvette wanted the vehicle gone over with a fine tooth comb and that is why he brought it to the EXPERTS! Todd and Ed worked together to give the vehicle a complete 140 point inspection. In which they found a lot of things in great working order and a few minor items that needed addressing. After making a written estimate for the owner, we submitted the suggested repairs and will move forward on the approved items.


Web Wednesday – 07/12/17

Welcome to Web Wednesday!

Your weekly digital outlet to Dynamic Corvettes!


Big People – Big Tires – With A Convertible Top = NO PROBLEM!

The XL57 is Dynamic Corvette’s offering to the people which can not fit in their favorite Corvette body style, the C1. With over 36 inches of modifications, this is the Corvette for big & tall men and women. 

A completely customizable build. You pick the engine, transmission, rear differential, exterior and interior colors, and accessories (A/C, Power Steering, etc) and the car is built to your exact specifications.

Minimal body work needed! This vehicle already has the speed junkie in mind. Rear wheel wells can accommodate up to a 10 inch wide tire and still have room to put down the convertible top and a set of golf clubs in the trunk. 


Last weekend, the XL57 made it’s first public debut at the Good Guys PPG Nationals in Columbus, OH and we were overwhelmed with the positive reception we received! We met with and discussed the vehicle with so many people, we do not think we have ever talked so much in one day. 

As we continue to refine and complete the final touches on the XL57, we will be posting updates EVERY Wednesday!

Click here to learn more about the XL57

Straight out of the mold – No body work performed or needed


A Special Thanks to Jon from Shadow Rods



I sincerely extend my gratitude to you for everything you have shared with me. Coming from over 50 years of experience in the street rod market, that we together brought into the Corvette world, so we can fit in these little cars. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but we accomplished it!


Thank you Jon!


~ Steve Snow

President – Dynamic Corvettes



1969 Corvette RestoMod

Jim and Zac continue to build the molds for the 1969 Corvette RestoMod project! As they make the big molds, they have finished some of the smaller molds and begun to make new parts from them. 

1966 Corvette

The 1966 Corvette is painted, wet sanded, buffed and polished to a shine! It has been now rolled over to the mechanical side for reassembly. Ed started by first masking off the vehicle and blacking out the fender vents, wheel wells, front end, and wiper vents. After blacking out these areas, he removed his masking and turned his attention to the headlights. 

Meanwhile, Corey was in the booth with the hardtop getting it sealed, based and cleared. 

1970 Corvette

The 1970 is the next vehicle for the paint booth. After carefully sanding the entire vehicle to refine and sharpen the body lines, Corey and Tyler have started to mask the body again so it may be rolled into the paint booth for sealer, base and clear! It will be returning to it’s factory blue color.

1964 Corvette RestoMod

Ed has started on the 1964 Corvette RestoMod project! After getting the body in the air and giving it a good wipe down, they moved it to the fiberglass shop and rolled the new chassis underneath. After cutting out the old rear floor and placing in a tubbed out rear floor, Ed lowered the body onto the chassis. After doing some slight adjustments and modifications, he got the body to sit nicely on the chassis. He took measurements all around the vehicle to insure that the body was sitting on the chassis correctly and evenly. With the assistance from Todd, they installed the body mounts and body bolts and tightened them down.

Meanwhile, Nathan is sanding the new one piece flared front end for the project. 

1981 Corvette

Work on the 1981 Corvette continues. After rebuilding the suspension and replacing the cam, Todd and our newest mechanic Terry installed the new exhaust system. This exhaust system is a true dual exhaust with a set of Magnaflow mufflers. With the combination of the camshaft and the new exhaust, the engine will be running a lot stronger now!

1968 Corvette

The owner of this 1968 Corvette wants to drive his car but unfortunately the taillights and speedo are not functioning. After testing driving the vehicle a few times, the guys determined that the speedo gauge itself was faulty. Todd removed the original speedometer and replaced it. He then reinstalled the speedo in the vehicle and test drove again and reported that the issue was resolved. 

To get the taillights to function again, we advised the customer that we would require a new rear taillight harness due to the corroded nature of the original. Once the new harness arrives, Todd will get it installed and get these brake lights to shine again!

1967 Corvette – “Lola”

With Lola fresh out of the paint booth, Corey turned his attention to the hardtop. After performing some brief body work, Corey moved the hardtop in to the booth. He then applied a coat of sealer and then coats of base and clear. The next step will be to wetsand the hardtop, followed by buffing and polishing to a brilliant shine.

1977 Corvette

The owner of this 1977 Corvette stated that he was seeing leaks on his garage floor. After putting the vehicle in the air, Terry determined that the oil pan and timing cover gaskets had failed and were causing the leak. After estimating the cost for the repair and contacting the customer, Terry moved forward with replacing the oil pan and timing cover gaskets.

While disassembling, Terry stated that the stud on the starter solenoid was broken free and spinning freely with his wrench. In order to get the starter removed, he had to break off that stud. We quickly contacted the owner and let him know of the situation. After discussing whether replacing just the solenoid or the entire starter, the owner decided an entire starter would be the best way to go. 

1964 Corvette Convertible

At the end of June, an owner came and picked up his 1964 Corvette Convertible to complete the project at home. Two and a half weeks later, he has gotten the car completed and provided these photos for us to share! 

She looks great Bob! Thank you for allowing us to help you restore your 1964!

Web Wednesday – 07/05/17

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Dynamic Corvettes and Shadow Rods of Saginaw, MI have come together to design, build and offer the ULTIMATE RESTOMOD example of a true American icon. The XL57 celebrates yesterday’s styling, today’s manufacturing technologies and the future of real world comfort.

From 5′ 6″ to 6′ 5″, the XL57 is developed with you in mind.


  • A maximized occupant cabin with extra leg room, extra seat room, extra head room and total in car comfort
  • Superior body quality using vacuum infusion processing to provide all exposed surfaces to a fully finished appearance
  • Completely redesigned underbody, capable of most small-block and big-block GM engines, most GM electronic automatic transmissions, and various original and aftermarket front and rear suspensions.
  • Uniquely designed chassis for accepting the above available options and also maximizing on interior room. Different wheel and tires size packages available while retaining the ability to store a soft convertible top in the original storage location.
  • Body is designed to be compatible with most original and aftermarket interior and exterior parts and trim.

Read more about creating the XL57..


The XL57 will be making it’s public debut at

Goodguys 20th PPG Nationals

Ohio Expo Center

717 East 17th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43211

July 7-9, 2017





Another “Drive Your Corvette To Work Day” has hit the history books and we saw a lot of Corvettes on the road in the morning and evening. Here at Dynamic, Kathy and Melanie drove their Corvettes to work too. 

1969 Corvette RestoMod

More molds have been completed for the 1969 Corvette RestoMod project! The first 2 photos are of the rear valance panel mold and the last 3 are for the front chin spoiler/splitter. With these molds completed, Jim and the boys can move on to other molds for the build of the 1969. Once all the molds are complete, we can then make new fiberglass parts from these molds to install on the vehicle. 

1981 Corvette

With all of the suspension and engine work completed on the 1981 Corvette, Todd is buttoning up a few things and getting ready to install a new radiator and exhaust system. He started by test fitting the new exhaust headers and seeing what items needed to be relocated or rerouted for the headers to mount correctly and safely. After rerouting a few wires, Todd installed the new headers and started to assemble the rest of the engine accessories. 

1968 Corvette

The owner of this 1968 Corvette stated he had no taillights and could not figure out why. So he brought it in to the EXPERTS! We quickly determined that the rear lamp harness was damaged and had been spliced and repaired so many times before that it was due for a complete replacement harness. Along with replacing the harness, Ed and Todd will also be replacing the tail light housings which are corroded and do not allow the harness to ground properly.

Another issue the owner wanted addressed was the inoperable speedometer. After getting the speedo to function with a spare speedo gear, Ed noticed that it was slightly off. Speedo would show a slower speed then they were actually traveling. To make sure that the speedo head itself was not the issue, Ed and Steve connected a spare speedo cable to a spare speedometer and test drove again. With the spare speedo showing the same difference in speeds, they became confident that the speedo driven gear is incorrect and needs replacement. 

1966 Corvette

After spraying on the base and clear, Corey & Tyler started to wet sand the new finish. After wet sanding, Corey, Tyler and Duane started to buff out and polish the new finish to a mirror like shine. 

1992 Corvette

The 1992 Corvette had it’s convertible top replaced and still needed the body weatherstrips to be replaced. Ed started at the front windshield weatherstrip by removing the weatherstrip and all of the old adhesive still stuck to the windshield. After this adhesive was scraped off, he applied a bead of the same adhesive and started to install the weatherstrip. As he installed the weatherstrip, he was sure to press the weatherstrip into the front and rear channels of the weatherstrip retainer. This will ensure good contact with the convertible top and with the adhesive he applied. Afterwards, he turned his attention to the decklid and doors and replaced their weatherstrips as well. Once finished, Tony and Nathan took the vehicle outside and completely detailed the interior and exterior before the customer takes delivery.

1984 Corvette

This 1984 Corvette came in with a misfiring problem. He had headers installed recently and the spark plug was grounding on the header pipe. Ed did some research on the problem and determined that the solution was shorter spark plugs. He ordered a set, quickly got them installed and replaced the burnt spark plug boot. After wards, he took the vehicle for a test drive and concluded that the plugs solved the problem. 

1966 Corvette

Todd has removed and replaced the fuel tank on the 1966 Corvette. Before installing the new tank, he flushed out the fuel lines with a can of carb cleaner and replaced all of the rubber hoses that were weather-checked. He then installed the fuel tank, followed by a new fuel tank sending unit and an original rebuild fuel pump. Previously, Todd removed the carburetor and we sent it off to our restorer in Florida. Once the carb returns, Todd will install it back on the engine, install new fuel filters and give it the first start up.


Web Wednesday – 06/28/17

Welcome to Web Wednesday!

Your weekly digital outlet to Dynamic Corvettes!

Join your fellow Corvette brothers and sisters by DRIVING YOUR CORVETTE TO WORK on June 30th!

We’d love to see photos of your Corvettes at work!

Submit your photos to info@dynamiccorvettes.com!

1969 Corvette RestoMod

The molds for the front clip, rear clip, and front splitter are done! Soon, Jim and the guys can crack open the mold, remove the plug and start making a new part! This is very exciting and I will be posting shots of the new parts being made and coming out of the molds in the next few following weeks!

1964 Corvette RestoMod

Work has begun on the 1964 Corvette RestoMod project! Mike and Tony went through the body and removed the last of the wiring that was still remaining and prepped for mating the body to the new chassis! After the body is mounted to the chassis, body work can begin!

1967 Corvette – “Lola”

Lola was rolled into the booth late last week and got her coats of Marina blue base and clear and she looks great! The next step will be to wet sand everything followed by buffing and polishing to a mirror-like shine.


Check out the video below of Steve touring the paint booth after the vehicle was completely painted.

1970 Corvette

Duane, Corey, Tyler and the boys have been working on the 1970 Corvette. They have been working on getting the final sanding finished before rolling it into the paint booth for base and clear!

1981 Corvette

This 1981 Corvette came in needing a full suspension rebuild. After going over the vehicle with the owner, he decided to go ahead with the repairs. Ed and Todd wasted no time disassembling the suspension and getting to work rebuilding and replacing the needed parts. Along with a suspension rebuild, the owner wanted to beef up the engine a little bit. We checked the compression on the engine and determined it was still in great shape. Upon receiving the new 350 hp camshaft, Ed and Todd disassembled the top end of the engine and replaced the cam shaft with no additional problems. As they reassemble the engine, they patiently wait for the new exhaust to arrive.

1966 Corvette

This 1966 Corvette is in dire need of a fuel tank. The original fuel tank was full of rust scale and floating rust particles, some of which might of made it’s way to the fuel pump and carburetor. We have removed the fuel tank and soon Todd will flush out the fuel lines and clean the carb as best as he can. 

Web Wednesday – 06/21/17

Welcome to Web Wednesday!

Your weekly digital outlet to Dynamic Corvettes!

1969 Corvette RestoMod

The 1969 Corvette RestoMod’s front and rear clips have been gel coated and are ready to start having fiberglass laid to complete the mold making process. Meanwhile, the new front bumper mold is half completed and will need to be flipped and the backside done. 

1966 Corvette

Corey and Tyler have been busy working on the 1966 Corvette by wet sanding and buffing the new finish. With the technique they learned from the PPG representative, they are both very happy with how well the finish comes out after buffing and polishing. Once they are have completed this task, the vehicle will be rolled over to the mechanical shop to be completely reassembled.