Web Wednesday 3-20-19

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This is a 1963 Coupe with an LT4 engine, 8 spd automatic transmission on a Roadster  Chassis.  We’ve already designed and tooled the transmission tunnel and rear tubs and floor .  This past week the new dual exhaust has been installed.  This exhaust system will allow for loud side pipes or quiet out the back with the flip of a switch.  


In the Fiberglass the shop the guys are busy building another C2 l88 Hood with our signature finished backside. 


Web Wednesday 3-31-19

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Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes



This is an original owner 1972 LT-1 frame off restoration with a few added conveniences like Nu-Relic power windows, and a Vintage Air climate control system.  



1973 “Warren” this is final assembly time.  This week we’re installing the Vintage Air climate control system as well as Retro Radios sound deadener and heat protection.  Between the two our customer should have a much more pleasant summer driving.



Web Wednesday 03-06-19

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Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes

1969 RestoMod

We spent the weekend in Detroit Mi, at the AutoRama World of World of Wheels Show. We took 1st Place In Our Class.

Web Wednesday 2-27-19

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                                                              Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes

                               Gone to 2019 Auto  Rama,  see you there

Web Wednesday 2-20-19

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                                  Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes


Just a friendly reminder that the 2019 Autorama is right around the corner. This year we will be bringing back our 1969 RestOmod.  Last year when you saw it, she was in the mock-up stage.  Stop by our booth to see the amazing transformation!  Booth # 537 

1969 RestOmod @ 2018 Autorama


Links to:

67th Annual Autorama Mar 1-3, 2019:




                                                                                                               2019 Price list

This is the current list of the fiberglass and carbon fiber parts we manufacture:


C1 Price Sheet


Digital Download:

Price List C1 Parts Price List C2 Price List 12-10-2018 C3 Parts Only

                                                                  1957 XL Floor

We Built a new floor for the 57Xl.  This floor will accommodate an 8 spd automatic transmission and a Roadster Shop Chassis.





Web Wednesday 2-13-19

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                                                           Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes 

                                                                                                                   Front Clip

We’re building another C2 Widebody Front Clip.  With this multi piece mold we’ll be able to also offer 63-64 front fenders.  Our new front fenders will be a full panel from the parking lamp to the door.  Next we’ll make this mold interchangeable with 65-66 vents and then 67.



                                                                      Eye Candy

Here’s a sneak peek of a few of our custom parts for the 69 RestOmod.   This build will be at COBO Hall in Detroit next month.


Here’s the 69 RestOmod with the infinity box installed.  These guys are having too much fun! 


Web Wednesday 2-6-19

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                                                             Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes 

                                                              LS BB Long Hood:

Steve and his grandson are pulling our LS hood from the mold.  This was made with clear gel coat, it’s Carbon Fiber done the middle and we’ll add some custom paint to it.  This will be featured on the 69 original tri-power RestOmod we’re taking to Auto Rama in March.


                                         1969 RestoMod Infiniti Body Control Module:

Check out what we’re able to control with our Infinity Box module and an ipad.  This will all be linked to our customers cell phone too. 

                                                                  1957XL Floor: 

This is the plug to the 57XL floor.  From this we will make a mold.  The reason we make a mold is when your designing a part you use fillers and a lot of material, over time that materiel shrinks and becomes brittle and part will fail.  The right way to do it and to give you a high quality part that won’t fail is to make a mold.

                                                                Dakota Digital:

Steve & Todd we’re so excited to play with the new gauges from Dakota Digital they couldn’t even take them out of the box first.


Web Wednesday 1-30-19

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                                                       Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes 

                                                                 1964 Restomod

We’re redesigning the floor in this 1964 roadster.  She’s going to be tubbed out, with a secret battery hiding spot and there will be room to drop the convertible top.  Like always we will tool this design so we have a quality part that will not fail down the road and so we can reproduce this.  We don’t believe in building 1 off parts we believe in building 1st off parts.  




This week “Bodyman Dan” is working his magic on this 63 Coupe.  She came in with a good sized chip on her nose.  



Out of the mold and on to a 64 roadster this is our 67 Stinger Hood with our signature finished backside.  This hood will fit any C2 1963-1967 Corvette.  It’s slightly over-sized for easier fitting and the prop location is on the driver’s side.    $900 plus freight 



Web Wednesday 1-23-19

                                                                                         Welcome to Web Wednesday

                                                           Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes 

                                                                                                          1964 Restomod

This a 64 Convertible, we’ve designed and tooled a new firewall and inner fenders to slick out the engine compartment.  Now we’re designing the rear floor with a compartment for storage or a cooler or a battery…. we haven’t decided what to use it for yet but we know extra room to hide things are great!  And don’t worry we’ll have plenty of space for the convertible top too.  



                                                                 1969 RestOmod

Our 69 RestOmod is moving along nicely.  We’re finishing up installing and wiring the Infinity Box and we’re getting closer every day to the return at COBO Hall!



                                                        1962 Restoration “August”

A beautiful 1962 Corvette Sateen Silver!  She’s been through the booth and is getting ready for the wet sand and rub stage.


                                                        1973 Restoration “Warren”

The 73 has a beautiful shade of Medium Blue Paint and is currently in the wet sand and rub stage.   



Web Wednesday 1-16-19

                                                       Welcome to Web Wednesday

                                                             Your Weekly Digital Outlet To Dynamic Corvettes 

                                                                       1957 XL

This is the Floor to our 57XL.  This creative design, with the help of Shadow Rods allows use to lower the seat 4″ and push it back 4″.  This allows for more interior room for bigger men or women, yet still allowing a 12″ rear tub to be able to run wider tires and a convertible top!  The suspension will be C-7 and the frame custom designed by The Roadster Shop.


                                                        1962 Restoration “August”

August is back into the paint booth for a coat of OneChoice SX103  Multi prep clear By PPG. We are using this as a Anti-Static agent.

                                                                     The Hood

We’re designing a new hood for the 63 to accommodate the LT4 engine.  The grill inserts are our newest product release and are available in CARBON FIBER too!  They will fit our custom 63 hood as well as an original 63 hood.   The cost of the inserts are $500 and $800 in Carbon Fiber.