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Autorama 2017

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for Autorama at Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI! 

FEBRUARY 24TH – 26TH, 2017

General Admission is just $20.00!!

Doors open – FRI: 12pm SAT: 9am SUN: 10am

This year, Dynamic Corvettes is featuring a 1978 Corvette Pace Car at Booth # 537!!

And as you can see, we are detailing and polishing up the car in preparation for the show!

A Short History about the 1978 Corvette Pace Car

In September 2014 the owners were invited to an “invite-only” car show in the Detroit area. While traveling to the show, the owner was involved in a car accident on I-696. The Corvette hit the center median, bounced off and then struck the opposite median. This accident completely totalled out the car. 

Not to be discouraged, the owner was determined to get her back on the road! Dynamic Corvettes took on the task and bought the 1978 Pace Car back to life! Ever since, the Pace Car has been winning shows across the state!

This is our 3rd consecutive year at Autorama!

The first year we entered with this C1 – 1956 Corvette RestoMod and took 1st place for our class!

Detroit Autorama 2015

The second year we entered with this C2 – 1963 Corvette RestoMod and took 1st place for our class!

Detroit Autorama 2016

Being our 3rd consecutive year, we thought it fitting to bring a C3 Corvette!
Come on out to the show, talk with Steve, check out the 1978 Corvette Pace Car for yourself and wish us luck!

We will be located at Booth # 537!


1956 Corvette RestoMod


Many of our long time fans will remember this car from a few years ago. Dynamic Corvettes performed all of the body and paint work on this beautiful 1956 Corvette which later took Best In Show at Old Town Motorfest 2014 and 1st place at Autorama 2015 . It was sold at Mecum Indianapolis 2015 for $175,000! This was a great project for us and we were absolutely glowing with pride over the completed vehicle.


The 1956 Corvette RestoMod is back on the market again!

Click the image to be taken to the Hemmings Ad

A good customer of ours was leafing through his latest copy of Hemmings Motor News when he spotted a tiny print add in the classifieds regarding this vehicle. He brought it in to show us and we were ecstatic to see the vehicle again.

1969 Corvette RestoMod

Steve and Tyler are continuing to perform body work on the front end of the 1969 Corvette RestoMod. They have been perfecting the lines and prepping the body for the first application of primer. 

1958 Corvette

The 1958 Corvette has been completed and awaits delivery to the customer. 

Pictured first below is what the car looked like when it arrived to us.

And here is the finished product! The customer stated when he brought the vehicle in that he would be having the interior installed elsewhere. 

We stripped and repainted the entire body, chrome dipped the bumpers, replaced all of the exterior trim, installed a new windshield and frame assembly, replaced the dash pad, and installed a newly rebuilt engine. 

1967 Corvette Coupe

After Ed and Mike were finished with other projects, they turned their attention to the 1967 Coupe. They put the body on the hoist and begun removing underbody brackets. These brackets were then taken to the sandblast cabinet, blasted, cleaned, primed, and painted. Once all of the brackets were refinished, Ed and Zac tag teamed the task and reinstalled all of the brackets with soft aluminum rivets. After the brackets were installed, they rolled the chassis under the body and mounted the body to the frame with a new body mount kit. The vehicle was then rolled over to our alignment rack to insure the body and chassis are completely level and straight. After checking the alignment, Ed noticed that the rear driver side trailing arm was being hung up on something. After closer inspection, he found that the trailing arm pocket was too narrow. Ed pulled out his caliper, measured another frame in the shop and compared it to his. To correct the space problem within the trailing arm pocket, Ed used a threaded bolt, large washers and nuts. Using this set up, Ed was able to tighten the nuts which pushed on the washers and slowly spread the pocket open to the correct size. 

1964 Corvette Convertible

Corey and Sam pulled the 1964 Corvette Convertible back out and begun sanding the first coat of Slick Sand primer. After they sprayed a light coat of black spray paint over the primer as a guide coat, they pulled out their blocks and began sanding. Once the body was completely sanded, they rolled the vehicle over to the paint booth and started to mask for the second coat of primer. Corey sprayed while Sam mixed the primer. 

 1967 Corvette Convertible – “Lola”

Ed and Mike have completed the chassis for the 1967 Corvette Convertible and have begun to remove, replace or refinish the underbody brackets. 

1970 Corvette

The 1970 Corvette body work has been completed and the car has been rolled into the paint booth for the first coat of primer, Slick Sand. With the first coat of primer applied, the next step will be to block sand the primer to refine and shape the body one last time before the second coat of primer. 

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Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Okay! We are a day late, but it’s the thought that counts! 

Junior daydreams of one day owning a 1963 Corvette Split Window

From all of us Corvette lovers at Dynamic Corvettes, we hope you spent the day with your loved ones and your Corvettes. 

1969 Corvette RestoMod

Steve has been working on the front end of the 1969 Corvette RestoMod project and perfecting his grille moldings and front bumper. After obtaining what he was going for on the front end, he has now begun to shape the flares by adding a skim coat of body filler and block sanding the filler down. As you can see below, he has created another template for the front wheels to insure that each side retains the same shape while he is making his changes.

1958 Corvette

The 1958 Corvette is in the home stretch. Ed and Mike have been busy getting the engine installed, body wired, and accessories functioning. The customer has requested that we do not reinstall the interior because he will be taking it elsewhere for a custom interior. Once Ed and Mike were finished, Corey took over and masked the entire vehicle before buffing and polishing the new finish. We have ordered a new convertible top frame for the vehicle and expect it by the end of the week. Upon installing the convertible top frame, the customer will be ready to take delivery!

1970 Corvette

Corey and Sam have been working on the 1970 and getting it ready for the paint booth. After replacing the driver side lower fender, they grinded and sanded the epoxy in the seams and then applied a light skim coat of body filler on the fender. This filler was then block sanded down so the filler remained in the low spots and was removed on the even and flush areas. After making the panels straight, Sam has turned his attention to gap width on all the panels. Sam will sand and fill where necessary to maintain an even gap along all the body’s panel part lines. 

We are still looking for answers for our “399” question from a few weeks ago.

These markings were found on the underside of the 1970’s body. What do they mean?

Submit your guess or comment to info@dynamiccorvettes.com

1967 Corvette – “Lola”

If anybody is wondering why this one is called “Lola”, it is because “she walks like a woman but talks like a man”. This name has been affectionately given by the owner. 

By the looks of that power plant, she will REALLY talk like a man! The owner of this 1967 Corvette Convertible is having us install this heavily modified crate engine in the chassis. This engine is a 427ci that has been dynoed at 540HP with 580 ft/lbs of torque. Along with the engine, the customer provided a “beefed” up transmission mated up to the engine with an 11 inch clutch. To get this increased clutch size to work with the vehicle we had to obtain an 11 inch bellhousing, and we had to install a bigger flywheel. Now that the engine and transmission are installed in the chassis, Ed can turn his attention to assembling the suspension.


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1969 Corvette RestoMod

Steve has continued to work on the 1969 Corvette Restomod. He is now satisfied with the rear of the vehicle and has turned his attention to the front. He has created custom grille moldings which fit and look better than stock. These grille moldings are made from fiberglass so they can be painted to match the vehicle, if you were so inclined. Along with the grille moldings, he has been working on the front bumper bar and customizing it’s fit and look as well. 

1968 Corvette

Work has started on the 1968 Corvette. Ed and Mike set up our good used donor frame on the Blackhawk frame bench and started to make the required modifications for the 1968 model year. Once all the modifications where complete, the frame was loaded into the truck and taken to the acid dippers. We expect it back very soon and then it will be off to the coater and finally the paint shop to receive a good coat of GM chassis paint.

1970 Corvette

Body work has begun on the 1970 Corvette. Corey and Sam first started on the doors by sandblasting the metal structure of the door and then applying etch primer as a finish. Afterwards, they went along the body of the car and ground out all of the body seams. Once the seams were ground out, they mixed and filled the seams with high strength epoxy. After the epoxy has cured, they sanded and ground the excess epoxy down so it was flush with the body. Sam and Corey then started to apply skim coats of body filler then block sanding them down to fill all of the low spots in each body panel.

1967 Corvette

Ed and Mike have begun assembling the chassis for the 1967 Corvette. After gathering up and taking inventory of the customer provided parts, Ed started by installing the fuel line. He then turned his attention to the control arms. The customer provided polyurethane bushings for the suspension and once they were installed, Ed then hung the suspension on the chassis. The rear end half shafts were disassembled and placed in the sandblaster cabinet and cleaned up before being primed and repainted. Afterwards, Ed started to clean up and prep to repaint the rear differential before installing in the vehicle. 

1958 Corvette

The engine for the 1958 Corvette is ready to be installed in the vehicle. After Mike installed the engine, he installed the spark plug wires, road draft tube, and transmission detent linkage. As this project comes to a close, we will reinstall the customer’s interior and have the vehicle standing tall for when delivery time comes. 

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1969 Corvette RestoMod

Steve has been working on the 1969 Corvette front end. He has been fitting the new lower valance, front bumper and grille openings. Having replaced the front and rear clips, he is taking extra precautions to measure and fit everything well before moving on to the next section.  

Vintage Air

Dynamic Corvettes is proud to announce that we are now an official dealer of Vintage Air products!
Let us upgrade your non-A/C Corvette with a complete Vintage Air system! Give us a call or email us for an estimate! 

In addition of becoming a Vintage Air dealer, we have created something to go along with the system, a custom fiberglass close out panel! 

Panel has been painted to contrast the black firewall – not the proper hardware

When installing the Vintage Air system, the kit includes a steel close out panel which we thought “We can do better.”

The steel close out panel provided with the Vintage Air system installation kit

After quickly fabricating a mold of the close out panel’s shape, Steve and Jim created this ingenious fiberglass panel. Not only does our panel match the rest of the fiberglass in the engine compartment, but is also easy to hide with a complete blacking out of the engine compartment! This allows a professional and clean look that Corvette owners want!


This panel is available for purchase for $89.99! 

Contact us by phone or e-mail to place your order today!!


1966 Corvette

Corey and Sam have been working diligently on the 1966 Corvette. After replacing the rear quarter panels, they quickly started to fill and sand the areas to ensure they were flush panel to panel. After perfecting the quarter panels to the body, Corey started to work on the fitment of the decklid and it’s jam. Meanwhile, Sam worked on the tail panel and fit the rear license plate bezel so it fits tightly. After the bezel was fit, Sam turned his attention to disassembling the hardtop and then stripping the paint. With the paint stripped from the hardtop, Sam can now apply a skim coat of filler and block sand the roof to fill in all the low spots. 

VIP Treatment

Here at Dynamic Corvettes we don’t judge on the condition of your Corvette. We give every Corvette, the VIP TREATMENT!

1964 Corvette

Ed and Mike have finished the chassis build on the 1964 for awhile, but now the body was ready for underbody bracket replacement and cleaning before lowering on to the chassis. They removed all of the old jute padding that was glued to the floor and vacuumed out the mess. Once the body was installed and bolted down, Ed and Zack started to hang the doors in preparation for the next body work phase.

1963 Corvette RestoMod

The past owner of the 1963 Corvette RestoMod created a framed HOT ROD cover for us to hang in the office.

We kindly thank you! It is really cool!!

1970 Corvette

Ed and Mike have finished up the chassis for the 1970 Corvette and have successfully installed the body. After replacing numerous underbody brackets and cleaning the underside, they lowered the body on the chassis and installed a new body mount kit. After the body bolts were tightened down, they moved the vehicle aside to be moved into the body shop. 

V-Bar Replacement

Upon receiving the vehicle back in October 2016 we instantly noticed the bumps on the front end. These bumps are caused by the swelling and corrosion of the rivets attached to the v-bar. These rivets hold a fiberglass bonding strip to the metal v-bar support, which allows the v-bar to be bonded to the underside of the hood surround. After removing the fiberglass bonding strip from the old v-bar, Ed mounted the new v-bar support and then bonded the v-bar in place on the hood surround. While the epoxy cured, he clamped the v-bar in place. The epoxy we use then pulls those bumps back into place for a flat finish.

Mystery Markings

While cleaning the underside of the 1970 Corvette, Ed and Mike discovered these markings on the body.

“P.B.” – “UN6” – “399”

We can assume that “P.B.” stands for “power brake” which the vehicle has, and “UN6” is an RPO code for “Theft Deterrent System” which the vehicle also has. But we are baffled by the “399”.

“399” is not in the VIN number, so what could this marking mean?

Think you have an answer? We would love to hear it!

Email your comments or guesses as what the “399” means to:


We are hiring!

Want to join a team of passionate Corvette lovers? Do you have mechanical certification, body tech or fiberglass experience? Need a change of scenery?

Send your resume to Melanie Snow by clicking the link below!

I want to apply for the mechanical position.

I want to apply for the body tech position.

I want to apply for the fiberglass department position.

1968 Corvette

Ed, Zach and Mike have started to disassemble the replacement chassis for the 1968 Corvette that came in last month. Once they are finished, the frame will be taken to be acid dipped, which will remove all of the rust and old coating. Afterwards we will then have the frame a-coated and lastly painted with GM chassis paint. This will give the frame a new life and finish like an original factory part!

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Noland Adams: 1933 – 2017

Last Wednesday (01/18) was a sad day for Corvette enthusiasts.
This was posted on Noland Adam’s official Facebook page.

We are deeply saddened about the news of Mr. Adams passing. He was a very important figure to the Corvette community. Noland Adams of course wrote the ultimate restoration guide for C1 and C2 Corvettes. He was also inducted into the Corvette Museum Hall of Fame in 2003. Below is a video from The National Corvette Museum featuring Mr. Noland Adams after his induction.

1966 Corvette

After the body was installed back on the chassis and Ed had finished up his tasks, the 1966 made its way over to the body shop for Corey, Sam, and Tyler to start working on. The guys wasted no time and started by repairing spots they noticed on the doors. Steve walked around the car and took measurements and made sure the vehicle was level and even. Once the doors were repaired, they turned their attention to the rear quarter panels. Upon removal of the rear quarter panels, they located old damage on the rear deck on the driver side. Corey fabricated a bonding strip and bonded it to the backside of the damaged area. After the epoxy had cured, he then cleaned up the area so the repair was not as noticeable. 


1964 Corvette

The 1964 Corvette has received it’s first coat of primer and has now moved over to the mechanical shop to have it’s frame swapped out. Ed and Mike got the vehicle in the air and quickly disconnected the body from the chassis. Upon removal of the old chassis, we discovered the vehicle had once had it’s fuel tank replaced with a original GM replacement tank. Once the chassis was removed, they started to clean the underside and engine compartment to remove all of the old crusty baked on grease from the years. After scrubbing the underside and engine compartment, Ed and Jordan completely blacked out the areas. Ed drilled out the door hinges to install oversized door pins and bushings, while Mike installed the new fender dust shields with staples.

  Front and Rear Flares

We always enjoy seeing that our customers LOVE our flares.

We found another post from another Corvette Forum member advocating our front and rear fender flares for mid-year (C2) Corvettes!

Corvette Forum User 1rad55’s 1966 Corvette Coupe

Click the here or the image to be taken to the Corvette Forum post! 

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1969 Corvette RestoMod

Steve has been working diligently on the 1969 Corvette RestoMod to insure that the new rear bumpers fit perfectly!

1968 Corvette – Frame Repair

This vehicle has been sent to us all the way from New York state! The owner knew he had to send it to the EXPERTS! After receiving the vehicle, we quickly went around the exterior to inspect for damage while being shipping. Satisfied that there was no new damage to the vehicle, we pulled the Corvette onto our drive-on hoist. Before we even looked under the vehicle, we knew something was up. As seen in the 9th photo, the vehicle is slightly leaning to the driver side. 

Once the vehicle was in the air, we could see the extent of damage on the frame. The section right before the rear suspension kick-ups was rotten from rust and appeared “torn” on the passenger side. We have determined that this frame is not good and can not be saved. We will have to obtain a good used frame for this vehicle.

Rust Damage

Upon further inspection of the vehicle, Ed started to find more and more rust issues with the 1970 Corvette. Pictured below are body mounts on the driver side. Photo 1 shows the #3 body mount access plate removed from the body, while photo 2 shows the extent of damage caused to body mount #3 from rust. The entire mount on the body has rusted through. Pictured in photo 3 is the #2 body mount on the driver side behind the interior kick panel. This one as well has rusted completely through. Lastly in photo 4, while it is hard to see because of the location, but the entire rocker on the driver side has rusted completely through. This vehicle will also require repair to the internal metal structure (aka bird cage) before it can be remounted onto a different chassis.

1964 Corvette

The 1964 Corvette is closely approaching time for it’s first coat of primer! After weeks of massaging, sanding, and inspecting the body is looking phenomenal! They will now start to fit exterior moldings, lights, and bumpers to insure they mount to the vehicle perfectly with no gaps.

Bumper Fitment

After receiving the bumpers from the chrome plater, the guys have started to fit the bumpers to the 1964 Corvette. As demostrated here, they have masked off the rear of the car and the rear of the bumper. Once the bumper is set on the vehicle with bolts installed, they were able to see where the body needed to be built out for the bumpers to fit perfectly. Corey mixed up some Duraglass while Steve cut a section of wood to prop the bumper up in the place he wanted it, and Sam applied masking tape to the outside edge of the bumper. Once the Duraglass was ready, Corey put it in a bag, cut the corner and Steve lightly squeezed some into the mounting points. Once this Duraglas cures, they will know where they need to build up the bumper mounting points. After completing the driver side, they moved onto the passenger side to do the same procedure. 



After getting the bumpers fit to the body. The guys rolled the vehicle into the paint booth and started to mask for the first coat of primer. 

1966 Corvette

After receiving the rear differential back from the rebuilder, Mike quickly got it reinstalled in the chassis. Once the chassis was finished, Ed and Mike turned their attention to the body. The removed all of the underbody brackets and reinforcements that were riveted to the body. After removing them, the ones that could be saved were sandblasted, primed and painted before being reinstalled on the body. The ones that could not be saved were replaced with brand new reinforcements. Upon completion of replacing the reinforcements, Ed started to mask and black out the underside of the vehicle and prepare to lower the body on the newly restored chassis.

Watch as Ed and Mike lower the body of the 1966 onto the chassis!


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1965 Corvette – NCRS Restoration

Late December of 2016 this beautiful 1965 Corvette was picked up by Reliable Carriers to be trucked off to Arizona. The following week, the owner of the 1965 Corvette took delivery. The owner happily provided us with pictures of him and his wife standing by the car. As you can see by the “thumbs up”, they approved! The owner also informed us that the Corvette will be facing NCRS judging this coming March. We will post updates as soon as we have them!

Thank you for choosing us to restore your 1965 Corvette, Mr & Mrs. D!

What is NCRS?

For those that are unaware, NCRS stands for National Corvette Restorers Society. NCRS has become the standard for Corvette restorations. They provide restoration information materials which guide you through the restoration process. For more information on how the NCRS club was started, click on the link below to read all about their history!
NCRS History

1969 Corvette RestoMod

Holy cow, what an update this week! Junior finally got around to grabbing Steve’s cell phone and got all of the pictures stored on it. Steve has been busy as a bee in the summer time on this 1969 Corvette RestoMod project! Let’s start with the photos from December 2016 that were stored on Steve’s phone.

As you can see in the photos below, Steve had made himself a template of the wheel well opening. This template insures that each wheel well opening is uniform from side to side.

Steve has also started to make the custom fiberglass bumpers for this build. These bumpers will directly bolt to the rear clip. No brackets or bumper support bars to be seen. Just a clean looking bumper that is snug against the body. 

 1966 Corvette

Ed and Mike have completed building the chassis for the 1966 Corvette restoration. Once they were finished, they installed the wheels and tires then rolled the chassis to the side to start building another!

1967 Corvette – “Lola”

Corey, Sam, and Tyler started to strip the paint from  “Lola”. They commented that the paint came off easy and only found 1 coat plus a primer coat. Once all of the paint was removed, Sam started to sand off body filler from the front end nose section. Upon removal of this body filler, he found a quarter sized hole in the nose. When inspected from behind, he found the bonding strip for the nose piece is also missing. As he continued to sand off the body filler, he then discovered another hole in the passenger side parking lamp panel. Before moving forward anymore, we will be contacting the owner as to the course of action we suggest to take.

1964 Corvette

Corey and Sam have gotten the 1964 Corvette just about ready for the first coat of primer. The entire body has been smoothed out, shaped and perfected. The last bit that needs to be worked on is the driver side front parking lamp section. Upon installation and shaping of this area, the car will be ready for a coat of Slick Sand primer!

1970 Corvette

After completing the chassis for the 1966 Corvette, Ed and Mike assembled the chassis for the 1970. Once complete, they rolled the chassis off to the side and begun building another. We are currently waiting for the 1970 engine to be completed at the machine shop, once the engine has returned, Ed and Mike will then install the engine and transmission.

Brake Caliper Rebuilding
During the restoration process, we ALWAYS rebuild the brake calipers. Today’s brake caliper rebuild kits do not come with the standard “lip seal” that was original to the Corvette. Over the course of many decades, Corvette owners have discovered that when the vehicle sits for an extended period of time the brake calipers start leaking. Years ago, it was thought that the leaking was coming from the brake fluid eating at the caliper piston walls. To fix this problem, the answer was stainless steel sleeves that were installed in the piston walls. While that solved the problem at first, the calipers started to leak again. 
The final solution to these troublesome calipers was a redesign of the seal. To replace the leaking “lip seals”, the new design is a more efficient and better sealing, o-ring seal. To install the new o-ring style seals, the calipers MUST be already sleeved previously.
Interested in purchasing these rebuild kits? Contact us by calling (989-249-1100) or emailing us (info@dynamiccorvettes.com)!!
The kits are $64.99 each and one kit will rebuild one caliper. 

1967 Corvette
Last but not least, Ed and Mike have started to assemble the chassis for the 1967. While building the chassis, the owner stopped in and inspected the newly refinished frame and suspension parts. The original plan of action was to clean up and refinish the engine, but upon inspection we found that it needed to be rebuilt. We contacted the owner and he agreed to have the engine sent to our machine shop and have the engine completely gone over. 


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Another year in the history books! A lot has happened over the last year!

Check out the “YEAR IN REVIEW” videos below to see what we did!

1958 Corvette

Ed has been assembling the 1958 Corvette back together. The engine has returned from the rebuilders, but we still have to locate a few items for the engine before we can get it installed. Meanwhile, Ed has been completing his wiring and putting finishing touches on the exterior.

1966 Corvette Convertible

Ed and Mark have been busy assembling the chassis for the 1966 Corvette. They have hung the suspension, started to run fuel and brake lines, and installed the new fuel tank. The rear end was inspected and cleaned out before sending out to be rebuilt. The engine and transmission will be next to be installed in the chassis. Once all of the chassis work is completed, Ed and Mark can reinstall the body and it will go over to the body shop for body work!

1964 Corvette Coupe

Corey and Sam have been working hard on the 1964 to get it ready for primer. The new front hood surround has been installed and bonded in after being test fitted and massaged into place. They will continue to perform body work until the lines are absolutely perfect. 

1969 Corvette RestoMod

Steve is staying busy on the 1969 Corvette RestoMod project. He has started to work on his rear license plate panel to fit and bond into place. First he test fitted the panel and then sanded where needed to allow it to fit perfectly. He has now moved onto getting the fiberglass bumpers mocked into place.

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Christmas at the Shop

Last winter, we built a 1963 Corvette RestoMod that we took to Autorama and won multiple awards. For this holiday season, we decided to provide the original owner with a book we created on Shutterfly of the complete build. He was blown away! He was not expecting anything from us! 😀

 On Friday, we worked for a half-day and then gathered up in the front office. We were not expecting gifts from Steve, Kathy and Mel! New shirts, a copy of the 1963 Corvette RestoMod build book, and some holiday sausages! Yum!!

After exchanging gifts, we all met at Jakes in Old Town and had lunch, provided by one of our very good customers which we are very grateful for.

 1964 Corvette

Sam has been working hard on the 1964 Coupe while Corey has been perfecting the hood. We found the doors were not fitting properly to the weatherstrips while performing the body work. Steve did the “dollar bill test” in which he feels the tension of the door to the body with the dollar bill. Once pin pointing the trouble spots, Sam came in with his special vice-grip tool and bent out the door frame ever so slightly. 

1958 Corvette

Ed is continuing to assemble the 1958 Corvette. The replacement engine the owner brought us a few weeks ago is back from the machine shop and will be installed soon. We are still searching for an intake manifold, harmonic balancer and flywheel for this engine to make it complete. 

1969 Corvette RestoMod

Steve has been perfecting his rear flares on the 1969 Corvette Restomod. He has created a template (pictured in the wheel well) that allows him to insure that each side is completely the same. 

1966 Corvette

The frames have returned from the dipper and a-coater and they look great! Before we start to assemble the chassis, Corey has started to set them up in the paint booth, one by one, and apply a good coat of GM Chassis Paint. The 1966 chassis was then set up over on the hoist where Mark has started to assemble the suspension, brakes, and fuel systems. Fairly soon, they will reinstall the body on the chassis and it will be next in line for body work!

Another bad-ass American made car!

The other day, Steve came across this video on YouTube. It features Ken Block (Hoonigan Racing) and actor/host Matt LeBlanc (Friends, Top Gear UK) speeding around the streets and alleyways of London. It’s a rush of a video! So turn the lights down, turn the volume up, and click that full-screen button! 

Check out more about this wild build!



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This holiday season it is very important to remember everyone deployed overseas. Our forces fight tirelessly to insure we retain our freedoms. This holiday season please donate to “Send Santa to the Troops“. Not only is it a great cause, but it is greatly appreciated by our troops. When everyday is just a fight to survive, a little piece of home is a very big deal.

We put together a little care package for the troops too! We packed up 5 of our “RED FRIDAY” shirts, some food items and toothbrushes. We hope whomever receives these items overseas truly enjoys them and knows how much we appreciate all the sacrifices they have made.

1965 Corvette

The 1965 Corvette is finished! We were waiting for the STV valve to be repaired and upon it’s return Ed quickly got it reinstalled and charged up the A/C. Now that the vehicle is ready to go home, Corey masked off the entire vehicle one more time and buffed and polished the finish. After polishing the finish, Junior and Corey detailed the interior to remove all of the shop dust. Afterwards, we contacted Reliable Carriers to have her picked up and taken home. Reliable showed up the following day with the trailer ready! 

(L to R – Melanie Snow, Steve Snow, Jordan, Zac, Sam, Ed, Jim, Mark, & Corey)

1958 Corvette

The 1958 Corvette is on the final stretch of assembly. Ed has been installing the exterior trim and bumpers, getting the new wiring harnesses installed, and getting her ready for pick up.

As Ed was going through the removed parts, he discovered that the original exhaust pipe bumper insulators were rebuilt once in the past. These insulators have a chunk of oval shaped rubber riveted to a retainer ring for the exhaust pipe. These rebuilt insulators had cut pieces of old TIRE! Looking closely at the picture, you will see the faint lines of tread pattern.  Ed obtained a rebuilt kit from our parts stock and repaired them correctly. 

We are still waiting for the engine at the machine shop to be rebuilt. Upon closer inspection of the engine’s intake manifold, the machine shop discovered that the manifold had a hairline crack and the ports were ground on at some point. These ports are so badly damaged that we determined that the intake manifold will have to be replaced. The machine shop also informed us that the original harmonic balancer is also damaged by being oversized on the crankshaft. 

1964 Corvette Convertible

The 1964 Corvette Convertible has been primed! After hours of body work and sanding, Corey and Sam rolled the vehicle into the paint booth, masked her off and applied the first good coat of Slick Sand primer! The next step will be to block sand the entire body and prep it for the second coat of primer!

1964 Corvette Coupe

Corey, Sam and Steve have started the repairs on the 1964 Corvette Coupe. Steve started by removing the fiberglass from the driver side a-pillar. Once the fiberglass was pulled away, we could completely see the extent of damage from rust on the windshield frame. After inspecting the damaged area, Sam then started to cut away the bad section of windshield frame. Once the rusted out section was removed, he started to test fit the new sections to be welded in after building a support system to prevent the roof from collapsing. With the new section tack welded in, Sam finished the installation by completely welding the new sections in place, grinding down and cleaning up his welds, then finally applying a coat of green self-etching primer.

With the repairs on the windshield frame completed, Sam turned his attention to removing the original hood surround. After getting the fiberglass hood surround detached from the bonding strips, he started to grind down all the bonding points to allow a strong bond on freshly exposed fiberglass.  

1969 Corvette RestoMod

 Steve has been busy working on the 1969 Corvette RestoMod project. He has gotten his rear flares shaped and is currently perfecting them. Meanwhile over in the fiberglass shop, Jim has completed the new hood for the project. This one-off hood is elongated to eliminate the need of a wiper door and has been finished on the backside. It is based off a 1969 Big Block / LT1 hood.